We have many servers! They go from Bedwars to SMP. If you want to know about all our gamemodes, check them out here.


SMP is a friendly server community where you survive among others. You can join in clans with friends using our custom clan plugin!


Factions is a war game. Fight against other factions to become the best. You can invite your friends to your factions for extra help!


Roleplay is a private creative world with normal terrain. You can build cities, houses, and own companies!  Apply on our Discord!


BedWars is a minigame where you have to eliminate other teams in the sky. Just killing them isn't enough, though! Break their bed to kill them for good!


Creative is a server where you can build in our massive 300x300 plots. Build to your hearts content. If you vote for our server on server lists, you can get special perks!


SkyBlock is a minigame where you build off a small island, and build a bigger island bit by bit. Buy items from other players, or from the in-game shop! Try to become the best!